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One Nyawang' Ogwal Crescent is a beautiful two bedroom house with a lovely well manicured grounds and gazebo.With water and electricity, it is located in the serene village of Ratta in Seme, in the Kisumu area of Kenya, on the shores of Lake Victoria.



One Nyawang' Ogwal Crescent offers comfortable accomodation in the village setting with several points of interest to the visitor nearby. Of the two bedrooms available one has a double bed, and the other a single bed and a bunk bed. There are two toilets and shared showers.

Visitors can watch the dairy cows being milked, watch how the farmers til the land, gaze out onto the beautiful views of Lake Victoria, talke strolls to the picturesque Ratta Village and stop to take pictures at the beacon of the equator on the Kisumu-Busia Road!

Table tennis and soccer balls are also available for use.




One Nyawang' Ogwal Crecent charges Kshs 1000 (USD 15) per person per night. Cook is available for an additonal rate of Kshs 500 (USD 7) per day.



For general enquiries by email:

For all direct enquiries please contact:

Redemptor Osano
+254 729 439527,
+254 733 270882
Cradle Educational Centre
KNA Varsity Plaza,
7th Floor

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